Student Mobility in the Context of Bilateral Agreements

The bilateral agreements that the Mozarteum University Salzburg maintains with some international universities makes it possible for students to spend periods of study outside Europe. A period of study at a partner university lasts one semester up to a maximum of one academic year.

The application has to be submitted to the International Relations Office at the Mozarteum. In principle the deadline for applications is 15 March for the following academic year. However, in some cases this may have to be brought forward depending on the dates of the semesters at the relevant partner university. Students are exempt from paying study fees. The course of study completed abroad is fully recognized.

Mozarteum University grants an allowance towards the travel expenses.
The scholarship data bank of the OeAD-GmbH can provide further information about the possibility of being awarded further grants:

Application Documents Outgoing:
  1. Bewerbungsblatt
  2. Form: „Antrag - Anerkennung – Studienerfolgsnachweis“ (Voraus-Anerkennung)
  3. Student application form
  4. Learning agreement
  5. Letter of recommendation from the teacher of the main subject (in English in the case of non-German-language-speaking countries)
  6. CD (instrumental subjects and singing), DVD (drama, conducting and dance educational theory) or a work portfolio (stage design, art and craft educational theory)
  7. Curriculum vitae (in English or in the relevant language)
  8. Proof of successful course achievement / Transcript of records
  9. Letter of motivation
  10. Antrag auf Erlass des Studienbeitrags (for the course department)
  11. Meldungsblatt (for the course department)
Students who are interested in a period of study at the Mozarteum in the context of a bilateral contract should apply to the International Office of the relevant university in their home country. Only applications from partner universities will be accepted.

The following documents are necessary for the application:
  1. Student application form
  2. Learning agreement
  3. Letter of recommendation from the teacher of the main subject
  4. Recordings of three-four works of various styles via links (instrumental subjects and singing), video recordings via links (drama, conducting and dance educational theory), Portfolio as a single PDF (stage design, art and craft educational theory)
  5. Curriculum vitae
  6. Proof of successful course achievement / Transcript of records (for Master’s degree courses a Bachelor certificate has to be submitted)
  7. Letter of motivation
Deadline for applications, incoming students: 15 March
(for the following academic year, winter and summer semester)
Please send the application documents as a PDF.
Useful information for incoming students:
  1. Information brochure for students from abroad
  2. Structure of the academic year
  3. Living in Austria, information OeAD
  4. Frequently asked questions
  5. Locations – Mozarteum University Salzburg
  6. ESN-Network