Harald Oberlechner,

Lecturer in Zither

  • Mirabellplatz 1
  • 5020 Salzburg

Harald Oberlechner was born in St. Johann in Tirol in 1963 and studied zither with Peter Suitner at the Innsbruck Conservatory. He teaches zither at the Tyrolean State Conservatory and at the Mozarteum University Salzburg (music education Salzburg and Innsbruck). In addition to teaching and performing in the field of folk music, he also takes numerous initiatives to establish the zither as a classical concert instrument.  

In appearances at various festivals and concert series, he plays both classical and jazz as a soloist or together with musicians and ensembles. He has performed in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Lithuania together with Isolde Jordan, Kristi Myhling, Peter Lefor, Brigitte Karg, Martin Senfter, Alice Okoh, Florian Bramböck, the Trio Unicum, the Ensemble Psalteria, the ensemble plus, the Tyrolean Chamber Orchestra InnStrumenti and the Austrian Ensemble for New Music.  

He composed and arranged works from the fields of folk music, new music and jazz and transcribed old music for zither (including Bach, Byrd, Dowland, Milan, Sanz and Weiss). His premieres include works by Günter Andrich, Eduard Giuliani, Wladimir Rosinskij, Manuela Kerer, Gunter Schneider, Franz Baur, Herbert Grassl and Regina Alfery.  

He publishes regularly through his own publishing house "Psalteria - Music for Zither". He composed and recorded the music for several documentaries, including "Magical Easter", "The Salt Road", "1945 - Still a Child", "Maria Stromberger - Can you still believe after Auschwitz?". He also released two CDs: "Zithermusig" (Duo Oberlechner-Jordan, 2000, Alpine folk music) and "Puzzle" (Trio Psalteria, 2002, New Music).